How To Avoid Smudged Eye Makeup

While visiting with girlfriends this summer I asked what are some beauty issues you’d like help with. Almost everyone said how to keep eye makeup from smudging. I found this link.

Also give these few easy steps a try!

First apply a thin coat of eye-shadow primer to clean eyelids, blending it into the creases with a finger. It will give your liner something to adhere to and will prevent the liner from transferring color to the creases. Next, dust a translucent loose powder or skin-colored eye shadow over the primer to set it.

Finally, apply your eyeliner. For a┬ádefined look use a liquid liner which dries in seconds. If you’re the traditional pencil type, draw a line and top it with a similar-color eye shadow to set it.

These steps should guarantee smearless eyes, but if you’re still nervous, sweep on a clear makeup sealer.